My name is Nicholas Miner. I have been designing for 8 years and I am obsessed with it. Graphic design has gone from my job to my passion. It has become part of my daily life. I work hard at everything I do and I don’t shy away from challenges. I love working with people to develop their ideas and turn them into something extraordinary.

Big Beak Can Set.jpg

Big Beak Brewing Company

The goal of this project was to create a coastal inspired branding system for Big Beak Brewing Co. I created a logo badge that has merged the imagery of a pelican and classic beer symbolism. I named all the beers after hazards you encounter on the coast. The packaging was kept simple and bright to compliment the coastal theme.

| Logo Design | Naming | Packaging Design |

Hot Sauce Packaging Self Promotion.jpg

Miner Hot Sauce Self Promotion

I created this custom hot sauce packaging to mail out to potential clients. I use this as an introduction or a follow up to meeting someone I would like to work with. I really enjoyed thinking through and designing all the pieces of this promotional mailer.

| Concept | Packaging Design | Copywriting | Illustration |

rocca 1.jpg
Rocca Symbol.jpg

Rocca Pizzeria

Rocca Pizzeria uses old-world cooking techniques to create wood fired Neapolitan pizza. They wanted a branding system that would set them apart from all the other local pizzerias. I stayed away from the classic red and blue color pallets and created a unique branding system inspired by European football club crests. (Work created at MESH)

| Logo Design | Branding Identity |


Visit Baton Rouge

I worked, as the Art Director, on the 2018 Visit Baton Rouge Campaign. The campaign was inspired by old post cards. I art directed the photography and designed the print ads for the campaign. I also created simplified two-color illustrations of all the images, which were used in airports and digital ads.

In 2018 I worked with Visit Baton Rouge to rebrand their company and created the logo that appears in the ads for this campaign. (Work created at MESH)

| Concept | Design | Illustration | Logo Design | Identity Branding |

Explore BR.jpg

Explore Baton Rouge

Explore Baton Rouge was a self-initiated project created to inspire a sense of pride into the Baton Rouge Community. I created a flag that was passed around the community. The receiver was asked to take a picture with the flag at their favorite location in Baton Rouge. Once they posted about their favorite spot on social media, they took one patch and passed the flag along to another person.

| Concept | Design |

Boxen Type.jpg

BOXEN Type Family

Last year I was inspired by Dustin Lee of Retro Supply Company to create some digital products on Creative Market. BOXEN was my first product and was featured by creative market. Creating this type family was a new and exciting challenge. View it HERE.

| Digital Product |

halfton brush set.jpg

Procreate Halftone Brush Set - For the iPad Pro

I use texture in most of my work, so I decided to create a clean halftone brush set for Procreate. At the time there were a ton of textures made for the Adobe Suite, but iPad brush sets were lacking. I jumped on this trend early and released this product before Retro Supply Company started making Procreate brush sets. View it HERE.

| Digital Product |


Over The Moon - Hand Drawn Type

Creating custom typography is one of my passions. I am proud to say this piece was featured in Typism Book 4 in 2018.

| Custom Typography |

Lit Pizza Logo.jpg

Lit Pizza

Lit Pizza is a quick fired pizza company in Louisiana. I was tasked with designing a logo and creating accompanying branding elements. (Work created at MESH)

| Logo Design | Branding Identity |

The Gregory Logo.jpg

The Gregory

The Gregory is a high end restaurant owned by Marriott Autograph Collection Hotels. I created a modern logo that compliments the Art Deco style of the building. I also worked with a metal fabricator to design the metal frame that the sign hangs from. (Work created at MESH)

| Logo Design | Exterior Sign Design |


Louisiana Seal Design

As a passion project, I created a simplified version on the Louisiana State Seal. I designed a Louisiana themed button set and t-shirt with personalized hang tags. I created an email campaign and pre-sold them on my website.

| Merchandise Design |

Heritage Logo.jpg


I worked with Heritage Furnishing & Fine Art to design a bold bison logo that could be wood burned into the bottom of their custom furniture. This brand will be launching in 2019.

| Logo Design |

our coffee.jpg

Our Coffee

Our Coffee is a unique coffee shop located inside of an indoor skate park and surf shop. As a coffee enthusiast and prior skateboarder I was thrilled to develop their branding system. They opened their doors last year and have already amassed a nice following.

| Logo Design | Branding System |

Electric Depot Logo.jpg

Electric Depot

The Electric Depot is a mixed-use entertainment space opening in Baton Rouge in 2019. The building is an old electrical power plant. I was tasked with creating a logo that tied into the heritage of the building. (Work created at MESH)

| Logo Design |

bulldog pepper jelly.jpg

Bulldog Pepper Jelly

I created the custom type and illustration for this logo. The bulldog illustration is based on JoJo, the family pet that this company is named after. (Work created at MESH)

| Custom Typography | Logo Design | Packaging Design |

City Roots Coffee Bar Logo.jpg

City Roots Coffee Bar

City Roots is a coffee shop opening inside of the Electric Depot in 2019. I designed this custom script and incorporated the bolt to reference the location and the spark that coffee gives you. (Work created at MESH)

| Logo Design |

Smirnoff Mural.jpg

SMIRNOFF Tales of the Cocktail

I was contacted by Wonderland, a creative events and production agency, to help with the Tales of The Cocktail event they were putting on in New Orleans for Smirnoff. They were celebrating the 75th anniversary of the moscow mule. I was tasked with creating a hand lettered mural inspired by 1940s typography. This mural won a Gold Addy in 2017.

| Custom Typography | Mural |

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.

I look forward to hearing from you.